Under Armour and Xavier College Preparatory Partner for Apparel Deal

In August 2016, Xavier College Preparatory announced a multi-year sports apparel deal with Under Armour for its athletic department.

Xavier, an all-girls Catholic high school in Phoenix, is known across the country for its success in female sports. The school’s 71-year history includes 125 state championships and many other prestigious awards, according to Sister Lynn Winsor, Xavier’s athletic director.

Xavier’s local contact at Under Armour, Todd Ludwig, said their athletic success made Xavier very appealing to Under Armour. Ludwig said the company approached Xavier about a year and a half ago with the idea of the partnership.

Under Armour was also appealing to Xavier due to its dedication to female sports. Winsor said she knew Under Armour was the “right company” for the all-girls school for this reason.

The details of the partnership could not be disclosed, but the school gets discounts to purchase the apparel, Tui Selvaratnam, Xavier assistant athletic director and golf coach, said. Selvaratnam is the school’s main contact with the company. She worked closely with Ludwig to finalize this partnership.

“We have to follow the high school athletic rules set in place by the [Arizona Interscholastic Association]. We don’t get hundreds of thousands of dollars like universities do. We mainly get great discounts on the products so the school’s budget can afford it,” Selvaratnam said.

The partnership will start with the basketball and soccer teams debuting the apparel this winter. Selvaratnam said the school is currently working to get uniforms for every team.

“Xavier is excited about this partnership because the high quality of Under Armour’s apparel and sees it benefitting our athletic program greatly in the years to come,” Winsor said.


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