My ASU Campaign: Madison Kerley, Women’s Golf

Written by Madison Kerley and posted on and on January 30, 2017
As I was sitting in my chair listening to Arizona State University President Michael Crow speak about the origin and purpose of Campaign ASU 2020, I started thinking. Thinking not only about what he was saying – how this campaign started back when Abraham Lincoln signed an act in 1862 – but how I was surrounded by more than 800 of ASU’s finest professors, students, and supporters. I was thinking about what got me here, to this exact chair on the diamond at Chase Field, as a student-athlete at ASU. What was my ASU Campaign?

My ASU Campaign started long before I was born. As a daughter of two ASU alums, I was born with Maroon and Gold in my blood. I grew up going to Sun Devil football and basketball games, and of course learned as a small girl that we did not like the team down south. I began playing golf at a very young age as well. It started with driving the golf cart with my dad to finally getting my own clubs, and soon I couldn’t stop playing. With so much life ahead of me, I was limitless.

 I started playing competitive golf at the age of six and learned I loved to compete. As an only child, and a very social one at that, competing meant making new friends and seeing my old ones too. It meant I had the opportunity to go out, play my hardest and hopefully win, but even if I didn’t, I knew I would have another chance to do the same thing again soon. I knew this because my opportunities were limitless.
About five years passed and the thought of playing collegiate golf occurred often. At the age of 11, I attended my first collegiate golf camp right here at ASU. I met the coaches, one of which is my golf coach today, and spent time around some of the student-athletes. They seemed like celebrities to me, and I knew one day I wanted to be right where they were. I saw their facilities and heard their stories of the cool things they did as collegiate student-athletes, and I knew I wanted all of it. I knew I wanted to be limitless.
Fast forward six more years and hundreds more junior golf tournaments, and I am sitting at a table dressed in Maroon and Gold signing my National Letter of Intent to play for ASU in front of eight of my closest family and friends. I was going to be playing my favorite sport for my favorite school and representing ASU for the rest of my life. It was truly a dream come true. I learned my dreams were limitless.
During the past year and a half at ASU, I have had so many great experiences that weren’t even in my dreams. I have met people and gone places I will never forget. The academic and athletic support I have received is better than I ever imagined. My time so far has taught me that my resources at ASU are limitless.
My ASU Campaign would not be possible without everyone who decides to generously support ASU and the amazing things this university is doing. ASU truly strives to make the world a better place, and it is possible thanks to these people. By deciding to support ASU in any way, people help the university make an impact and help students reach their dreams. Their support helps keep ASU limitless.
As I listened to Dr. Crow speak about his dreams to make ASU a one-of-a-kind institution through Campaign ASU 2020, I believed him. I believed him because of the more than 800 people surrounding me at Chase Field and everyone else like them. I believed him because thanks to the ASU community, my dreams of being a student-athlete at ASU came true and taught me I am limitless.

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